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FiSA Law Consult’s VISION is to be the BUSINESS LAWYER for ‘going places’ individuals and businesses in Ghana.  We are recognized as standing apart for the delivery of quality legal services.

We do this by taking on a client challenges as if it were ours and stopping at nothing to ensure we find and deliver lasting solutions to them.

We work as a team closely with clients, other lawyers,professionals and individuals in order to resolve and manage clients’ issues efficiently anywhere in the world.

Practice Areas

Commercial Law:

We offer advice on all types of transactions undertaken by our business clients, especially on sale and supply of goods, agency/dealership agreements, loan transaction and credit advice.

Corporate Law:

Advising limited liability companies on regulatory and compliance issues, especially preparing the annual returns, IRS/VAT filings, SSNIT/employee filing.

Litigation Advisory Services:

Our team of litigation lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of procedural law, in the court process and diligently handle all litigation cases, for clients to end in a favourable result.

Immovable Property/Real Estate:

Our expert team of lawyers handle varied immovable property transactions from simple tenancy agreements to complex joint ventures with huge financial turnovers. We advice on all aspects of these property transactions, which normally end in our team drafting final Agreements for our satisfied clients.

We are hopeful that any person who engages our services would be one extremely happy client, who gives excellent testimonials about us to other people.

We are expectant to hear from you as soon as possible, to enable our team to have engage with you so we can create tailor made solutions for every possible challenge.

Our Satisfied Customers

They called us for our services sometime ago, and today they are full of praises …

Some of our very satisfied corporate clients include:

HFC Bank [GH] Ltd,
GCB Bank Ltd,
Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd
Family Renaissance International
Cirrus Oil Services Ltd
Bay Developers & Reality Ltd
Fairgreen Ltd
Servled Ltd
Vicdoris Pharmacy Ltd
The Pure Company Ltd
Afrique Link Ltd
Office Plus Ltd
Ariwid Construction Ltd,
Ecofibers Ltd,
Cicada Ltd,
Coin de luxe
Swaako Engineering Services (SES)
Proactive Ltd
Digiprint Ltd
Harry’s Sights & Sounds

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