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FiSA Law Consult is a legal advisory and consultancy firm based in Abokobi, Ga East Municiplality – Accra, Ghana.

It has been in existence since December 2005. In its early years of operation, our practice was mostly litigation in the law courts of Ghana. It also provides ADR services, mostly Mediation on cases emanating from the Magistrate (District) Courts.

FiSA Law Consult has in time, gained considerable experience in business or commercial areas of law, having advised and handled debt recovery work for Banks and Non-Bank financial institutions. However, the discovery we made from handling recoveries suggests that, the debtors are mostly small medium enterprises or owner-managed businesses (sole proprietorship), who are ignorant or have no idea about the need to procure, engage and/or utilise professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, tax experts, among others in conducting their businesses.

As result of this observation, FiSA Law Consult has created a Legal Solutions Centre (LSC) for SMES/OMB to resolve this challenge.

Legal Solutions Centre 

Find out more about how our Legal Solutions Centre (LSC) can be of help to you.

The focus of the LSC of FiSA Law Consult is as follows:
a. Advice on legal and statutory compliance matters such as GRA/Tax,SSNIT, Labour/Employment – casual/permanent labour; terminations, etc.
b. Provision of independent advice on loan transactions with emphasis on issues such as collateral/security, use of immovable property; events of default which accelerate loan repayment period (timelines).
c. Advice to sole proprietorship on setting up advisory boards, engaging professionals to properly manage their books interalia.
d. Incorporated businesses (limited liability) to comply with Companies Code, Act 179, in filing annual returns, putting up board and general meetings, setting up registers.
e. Negotiations undertaken on behalf of SMEs/OMB’s in their day to day contracts, especially as some contracts are drafted by lay persons eg. Agency, Sale of Goods/ Supplier agreements etc.
f. Advice on lesser known issues such as Intellectual Property- copy rights, trademarks and patents.
g. Advice on the various schemes and credit facilities available to SMEs/OMBs from Government sectors and private companies.

FiSA Law Consult believes that by offering the above services, it would be supporting entrepreneurs in Ghana to grow and maintain their businesses, and help in making the private sector the engine of growth for the nation.

FiSA Law Consult’s VISION is to be the BUSINESS LAWYER for ‘going places’ individuals and businesses in Ghana. We are recognized as standing apart for the delivery of quality legal services.

We do this by taking on a client challenges as if it were ours and stopping at nothing to ensure we find and deliver lasting solutions to them.

We work as a team closely with clients, other lawyers,professionals and individuals in order to resolve and manage clients’ issues efficiently anywhere in the world.

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